Membership Has Its Privileges

Check out the member benefits below. Thank you for your support of Grassroots -- we're glad you're part of the family!

Did you know? Anyone can shop at Grassroots, but only members have access to special deals, get to vote in important decisions, and are part owners of the company. Consider joining today!

Special Discounts

Every week we'll have discounts of food and products that are available only to members. Just look for the signs around the store -- no coupon required! 

Members-Only Events 

Grassroots will be opening three days early for members only! That means you will get a sneak peak of the new store, ahead of the official grand opening, and a chance to be first in line for your favorite products. 


Once a year, the Board of Directors has the chance to issue a dividend back to all members -- this usually happens once the store is up and running and turning a profit. If the Board decides to issue a dividend you'll get a check in the mail to help kick-start the next year of grocery shopping! (The amount is based on how much you spend at Grassroots -- the more you spend, the more you get back!)


Becoming a member of a cooperatively-owned grocery store is a meaningful investment in our community. Not only are you helping to alleviate the food desert in downtown Lynchburg and increase access to healthy food, you're now a part owner of the grocery store with a say in how it runs. Now that'a a benefit worth celebrating!