We have added two very important members of the Grassroots Local Market Management Team.

Learn more about each of them below!



Charles Rogers or commonly known as Kody started his professional career at Dominion Resources in Richmond Virginia. At Dominion Kody worked in IT client services where he provided exemplary first level support and troubleshooting
across the cooperation. In addition to first level support, Kody was a valued team member on a company-wide windows 7 upgrade. Later he changed positions within the company to assist with digital valve controls for nuclear power plants. During his time at Dominion Kody had the opportunity to complete Six sigma blue belt training, this helped him to perfect process and flow in a business atmosphere. Kody attended Radford University between 2012-2014, majoring in business
administrator. He later felt that his wasn’t his calling in life and quite the college tract. Then attending Virginia Western Community College seeking a career calling again, he found his passion. While taking a horticulture class he discovered the value and significance in natural and organic foods. This interest would only grow and evolve over the next two years. Before leaving Virginia Western Community College he complete Microsoft office certifications. 

He then researched natural foods in the Roanoke area and found Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op; this name would later be shortened to Roanoke Co+op. He applied for an entry-level position as a grocer and got the job. Kody was quickly moved to a cashier position and cross-trained throughout most departments of the store. Management was very impressed by Kody’s passion for the work he was performing and ability to rally a team together. Within a year he was the new assistant manager of Roanoke Co+op Downtown. He not only continued to learn about natural foods and supplements but maintained interactions with customers, providing top-notch experiences to every customer. He really valued the sense of community that a co-op offers. During his year as Assistant Manager he aided the business in Catapult POS implementation, perpetual inventory setup and various IT related issues.

Kody brings a variety of skills with him to every situation and sports a jack-of-all-trades mentality. He knows how ever-changing manager positions can be, especially in a co-op atmosphere. He understands the changing landscape of a co-op and welcomes new technological and operational changes. Kody is ecstatic to find himself back in a co-op way of life! He had to leave his position at Roanoke Co+op for personal reasons. This was a hard decision for him to make and deeply sadden him to leave the work and coworkers that he had grown to love. Greatly surprised to hear that Lynchburg was getting a co-op Kody knew he had to be a part of it and applied. He was greatly relieved that he acquired the he was seeking. Kody is proud to be the Operations Team Manager for Grassroots Local Market. He knows that he has a lot to offer this establishing co-op and community. He looks forward to collaborating with management on seamless business minded solutions as well as, training a rock star team that will appreciate the worth and principles of a cooperative. Kody is expecting a bright future with Grassroots Local Market and looks forward to seeing this co-op grow and flourish!

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Olivia Lightle, M.A., was the Assistant Director of Program Innovation at a world class YMCA in the Catskills prior to deciding to move back to central Virginia with her husband. While there, she initiated new and/or improved programming, trained instructors and oversaw activities in the Teaching Kitchen, greenhouse, beekeeping, and aquaculture programs. One of her many accomplishments included facilitating weekend retreats for people from economically challenged areas in northern New Jersey to learn how to cook using healthy ingredients, grow food when space is limited and helped families begin their journey on healthier, active lifestyles. Olivia is committed to developing sustainable systems to ensure food security, accessibility and equity. She is a community gardening advocate and was responsible for helping to start three community gardens in upstate New York. Additionally, Olivia supervised teenaged crew members to care for schoolyard gardens during summer break and initiated the donation of surplus produce to local food banks. Olivia has entrepreneurial experience as a spice merchant and worked as a chef’s assistant in a gourmet and local food market. With an acute awareness of how important it is to use local sources for food, she has had experience vending and buying
from a variety of farmers’ markets and values the quality and taste that comes from eschewing the 1500-mile diet. You will likely find her scoping out local growers at farmers’ markets, CSAs, farms, and other venues to find unique and delicious foods to bring to Grassroots Local Market. 

Other experiences include teaching pre-school through college level students and working in non-profit and educational settings in administrative, case management and instructional roles. She is an editor, creative and technical/grant writer, a published author, and blogger. She and her husband have camped around the United States two times and look forward to
another opportunity to do so. Her hobbies, naturally, include gardening, kayaking, hiking, music, cooking, and reading. Returning to the area has enabled her to reestablish family ties and rekindle her appreciation for the beauty and outdoor opportunities the region has to offer.

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