Grassroots Local Market Closes in on Fundraising Goal

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Grassroots Local Market has launched the final phase of their membership drive and fundraising campaign. With a combination of membership sales, donations from individuals and local companies, and the promise of a loan from the Local Enterprise Assistance Fund, Grassroots has raised $300,000 of the $400,000 needed to open the store, leaving only 25% of the funding left to raise.

Grassroots has set a goal of reaching full funding by this December. If this campaign is successful and the grocery reaches a total of $400,000 in funding by December 31, the doors of Grassroots Local Market will open in Summer 2017.

Grassroots Local Market is a cooperatively-owned grocery store in Downtown Lynchburg, Virginia. Grassroots’ goal is to strengthen downtown Lynchburg by forming a community owned and governed full service natural foods store. The board hopes to solve several downtown and greater Lynchburg needs with one effort: create a full service grocery; provide a one-stop shop for natural, organic, and local foods; help relieve the downtown food desert; and improve the vitality of downtown. The grocery is open to everyone, not just members of the co-op.

The grocery co-op, located at 1300 Main Street, will concentrate primarily on natural, organic, and local products which does not exist in Lynchburg. In addition, the store will contain a full commercial kitchen offering a good selection of freshly prepared grab-n-go foods and a small cafe for light dining. This will add another lunch option for those downtown during the workday.

Individuals wishing to help Grassroots Local Market reach its goal can become a member, gift a membership to a friend or community member, or invest in the co-op by providing a member loan. An investment in Grassroots will not only allow the co-op to get off the ground, but also earn a return on investment. The interest rate is 4.5% per year with a five year term. Memberships are available for purchase at

Questions about Grassroots Local Market may be directed to Dan Hague at or 434-533-0513.

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