11/12 - Weekly Updates & News from Grassroots

Survey Results #1

Thank you to all of you who took part in our Member-Owner Survey!  There's a lot of great feedback from y'all that we're still reviewing, but in the spirit of transparency and open discussion we're going to take a section at a time over the next few Weekly Updates to share and discuss.  Starting with 'What grocery store do you primarily rely on?'  The vast majority said that Kroger's is their primary grocery store.  Top reasons given were:

#1 Selection is greater.  This makes perfect sense and we are doing what we can to diversify our selection, but ultimately we only have a fraction of the square footage & shelf space that Kroger's does, and this will be a challenge for us until we outgrow our current space.  Remember to vote with your dollars  and fill out our product request forms for what you'd like to see.  The products that sell well earn their spot in our limited shelf space, and the ones that don't are replaced by a new offering.  Support your favs and buy them often!

#2 Price is lower.  This isn't a surprise as we've been discussing our prices and our buying power over the past few weeks.  Please do always keep in mind that the more you buy, the more we're buying, and as we grow our store our prices WILL get lower.  If everyone who took the survey shopped Grassroots as their primary grocery we could start negotiating with our distributors after just a few months of proven increased buying. 

#3 More convenient to home/work: Well come live downtown, it's lovely here ;D  Just kidding (kind of).  As in the Selection question- we're continually looking to find our place and what the need is.  Please do tell us the items you can't find at Kroger's and have to drive a long distance to get, and we'll do everything we can to stock them and become your destination store!

These challenges are some of the major reason why you don't see many small independent grocery stores and why there hasn't been a grocery store downtown in over 40 years.  We're all figuring this out together and if we want to see our downtown market succeed we'll all need to make the conscious effort to overcome these challenges and shop as much as we can.

In Cooperation!

Your Grassroots Local Market Team


Grassroots Local Market is a co-operative grocery store, meaning community-owned. Individuals have the ability to purchase stock and become a lifetime part-owner of the store. 

By becoming a member-owner, you are investing in your community by helping to bring fresh, healthy and affordable food options to downtown. As a member you'll receive store discounts and incentives, access to members-only events, have equal vote and the eligibility to receive annual patronage rebates.  

If you are interested in investing in your community and supporting the local grocery movement, consider becoming a member-owner today.