11/6 - Weekly Updates & News from Grassroots


Thank you to all of you who came to shop your store this week!  We had 10 Member-Owners come in to shop who had not been in previously!  One of our regulars also mentioned that she took the time to call six of her friends to encourage them to shop, and they did!   We would publicly thank you by name, but didn't ask for permission first...  But you know who you are ;)

This is the path for your store to become a thriving business and community center we all want it to be.  If every Member-Owner who wants to see their store succeed could take this level of ownership and actively advocate for this effort we could have such a bigger impact!  More Local, Lower Prices, More Fresh Produce, More Organic Options, More Conventional Options, Education & Outreach Programs, Cooking Classes, Needs Based Discounts, Micro-Loans to Local Food Entrepreneurs, Delivery to Housebound Individuals, the list could go on and on!!!  All of this can happen if We the Owners take charge and make it happen andgrow our co-op beyond it's fledgling start-up status.  Take the example of your fellow Owner, call your friends and ask them to come shop your store.  Use the store as a gathering spot- make 'Meet me at Grassroots' your new favorite phrase and encourage your friends to become  Member-Owners too. If the half of our Owners who are participating and shopping recruit a new group of our friends, family, and neighbors that will too we can start to make headway on the wonderful things we want to see our co-op do!

Speaking of participating in a democracy-  Remember to Vote tomorrow!  And stop in the store after with your 'I Voted' sticker for a free cup of coffee!

In Cooperation!

Your Grassroots Local Market Team


Grassroots Local Market is a co-operative grocery store, meaning community-owned. Individuals have the ability to purchase stock and become a lifetime part-owner of the store. 

By becoming a member-owner, you are investing in your community by helping to bring fresh, healthy and affordable food options to downtown. As a member you'll receive store discounts and incentives, access to members-only events, have equal vote and the eligibility to receive annual patronage rebates.  

If you are interested in investing in your community and supporting the local grocery movement, consider becoming a member-owner today.