10/28 - Weekly Updates & News from Grassroots


First, thank you to everyone who emailed their thoughts in response to last week's email regarding prices.  We're a democratically owned business, and it only works with participation & dialog!

Last week's update reviewed the reasons that our prices are what they are (if you missed it, you can read it on our blog page HERE), and from the feedback we've been getting from that, as well as in general, it seems this is the biggest obstacle for our Member-Owners and community members to shop Grassroots as their primary grocery store.  This makes perfect sense, there isn't a Whole Foods in Lynchburg, this is the first food co-op in Lynchburg, and the organic brands we carry aren't familiar to this area.   And no matter how competitively we try to be, it's seeming likely that these products may not be all this community is looking for.

The beautiful thing is that we're a co-op!  We can be anything our Member-Owners and community  need us to be!  Whether you want low cost conventional items or top quality organics, this is YOUR store, and this is what's so wonderful about this structure, your voice equally counts.  It's Member-Owners right and responsibility to see that their need from their Co-op is represented.  Tomorrow Member-Owners will be receiving a survey to better understand your needs, please take the time to fill it out and let your board & staff know your thoughts!


It's also every Member-Owners responsibility to see that their co-op is successful.  Co-op's cant succeed without Economic Participation from Owners.  Currently we have 630 Member-Owners, and 320 have shopped the store,  225 have spent more than $25,  95 have spent more than $100,  and 9 have spent more than $500 over the two months since opening.

This is not enough to sustain this co-op.  If you're an Owner who has been meaning to come in, now is the time!  If you're an Owner who came in once, and keeps meaning to come back, now is the time!  If you're a Customer who has been meaning to become an Owner, now is the time!  If you're an Owner or Customer who is shopping, now is the time to bring your friends to show them your awesome little grocery store!  We have a wonderful mission.  We have a beautiful store, an amazing staff of helpful determined people, and the ability to be whatever our ownership wants us to be, but we can't do it without YOU

Not everyone can do all of their shopping at Grassroots, but it doesn't take much if everyone is doing as much as they can do.  This gives the Co-op the ability to adjust product mix and change into whatever you need it to be.

Please remember that in a co-op there is no 'Us & Them', there's just US.  The Staff, the Board of Directors, the Ownership, and the community are all in this together, trying to make this store everything it can be. Nobody is getting rich off this store, it's just all of us trying to make this little start-up work in a highly competitive market.  Please do your part and make your co-op everything you want it to be.

As always check out our Weekly Menu and Monthly Sales Flyer below!

In Cooperation!

Your Grassroots Local Market Team


Options for Every Income Level

Here to serve a diverse community we've sourced some conventional, low cost, items because Everyone should have access to Milk and Eggs. We'd love to find local solutions for these price points, so let us know if you have any tips!


Grassroots Local Market is a co-operative grocery store, meaning community-owned. Individuals have the ability to purchase stock and become a lifetime part-owner of the store. 

By becoming a member-owner, you are investing in your community by helping to bring fresh, healthy and affordable food options to downtown. As a member you'll receive store discounts and incentives, access to members-only events, have equal vote and the eligibility to receive annual patronage rebates.  

If you are interested in investing in your community and supporting the local grocery movement, consider becoming a member-owner today.